Harmaton Shukuru

MTTI Graduate,Entrepreneur & Change Ambassador in his Community

Harmaton Shukuru was born in 1993 in a remote village in Kaloleni constituency. Immediately after completing his primary school, he took up the responsibility of caring for his parents by doing odd jobs since they were not to support him to pursue his secondary education because of the poor economic situation.His life took a positive turn when he enrolled for training at the Mabati Technical Training Institute.  While training at MTTI, he found work as a Matatu conductor to earn additional income to supplement what MTTI was providing.  After graduation, he was offered a three months’ attachment at the Mabati Rolling Mills- Mariakani Plant. The opportunity to work at the Mabati Rolling Mills was an eye-opener because he did not only learn how to interact with people but also gained basic financial management and communication skills that have helped him to manage his business. He is very thankful to the Mabati Technical Institute for empowering with skills that have enabled him to earn a decent incomeHe has joined the MTTI Alumni Association and happy to give back by volunteering his time to advice youth in his community to work hard when given a chance instead of idling on the streets. Harmaton is happily married and glad that the opportunity that MTTI provided to him has enabled him to care for his young family. His advice to young people is “Life is not easy for lazy people, without hard work and determination, you can never overcome poverty.  He calls on all youth to work hard and struggle to make their future bright….”