Mabati Medical Centre


The Mabati Medical Centre was founded in 2000 to provide primary health care to the workers of Mabati Rolling Mills, in Mariakani Town, just outside the port of Mombasa in Kenya. But this is a community barely on the bread line, and the workers’ families and community members in Mariakani and surrounding areas were without primary healthcare facilities.

In less than a year, the Centre extended primary healthcare services to the community at a highly subsidized cost of just KSh300 for consultation, treatment and medication. In most cases the cost of just the medicines is more than the fee charged.The number of patients ballooned, from 8,000 cases per year in 2002, to 21,000 cases per year in 2010 and will be close to 40,000 in 2015. The common diseases treated are Malaria, Diarrhoea, skin diseases, urinary tract infections, HIV/AIDS and general infections.With this scale of operation, the facilities have constantly been added to and now also consist of a Diagnostic Centre with consulting rooms, Ultrasound and X-Ray facilities and a fully equipped Laboratory.In March 2015, the Centre became a 24hr / 7 day facility.


A major focus area has always been on Mother and Child health, aiming to reduce mortality, provide preventative immunization and educate mothers through pre and post natal care.  50% of those treated are women and children.Family Planning advice and minor procedures are also offered, and from 2015, a new Ultrasound screening service is available.The importance of this work is highlighted by the following table:-


As a direct consequence of Mariakani’s location along a major trucking route, the local community has a high prevalence of HIV and AIDS. The Medical Centre houses an entire wing for treatment of HIV/AIDS (which is operated by Bomu Hospital, a project of Mkomani Clinic Society).

It aims to reduce HIV prevalence rate among 15-24 year old women by increasing preventative and contraceptive measures, and runs a Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) centre for those living with the condition. Almost 3,000 HIV positive cases are being assisted each year.


Mabati Medical Centre provides a range of services to Mabati Rolling Mills staff and neighbouring communities:

  • Immunizations:  Children receive all necessary immunizations or vaccinations and full records are maintained. 1281 children were immunized in 2013 and 893 in 2014.
  • First Aid/ Primary Care: the Centre is equipped to deal with all minor injuries and general sicknesses.
  • Specialist Treatment:  Several times a year, assisted by the Lions Club of Mombasa Pwani and like-minded organisations and medical professionals, specialist medical “camps” provide free dentistry, eye care and family planning services to the community, and can treat more than 1,500 patients in a single day.


Good health contributes to well-being, longevity and productivity and since families tend to share health habits, promoting general awareness of good health and hygiene practices can contribute to healthier communities.

  • The Mabati Medical Centre runs various outreach programmes in neighbouring communities;
  • Woman’s Health
  • Family planning
  • Maternity and child care
  • Community health and hygiene
  • Drug and Alcohol abuse
  • HIV / AIDS & TB education program in collaboration with BOMU hospital



The Mabati Medical Centre is funded by the Safal MRM Foundation, a philanthropic enterprise of Safal Group and Mabati Rolling Mills. MRM Employees and other generous donors provided additional funding.